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Jul 13 2011

Paint Bucket Molds and injection molding machines

Category: Paint bucket molds and injection molding machineCelina @ 6:29 pm

1. The type of Buckets:

There are many kinds of buckets,like paint bucket,water bucket,oil bucket and so on.Most of the types need to make water proof.Usually we test the bucket filled with water and turned over for 24hours.The plastic material of buctet products usually is PP material.

2. The shape of paint buckets:

The size of the buckets is different much,at present,we have manufactured the size for 1L,2L,4L,5L,10L,15L,20L,25L and 35L.The shape of the paint bucket could be square,round,oval and the mouth of the bucket is also different according to customer’s requirement.

3. The mold design for paint buckets mould

First,we should check the product structure: if the bucket mould need large sliders or not,and the tracking control of the matching part.Second,during the designing,we should consider the stroke of the slider is enough for demolding.Third,design the mould height according to the machine size and also consider the Toggle stroke.If the toggle stroke is not enough,we have to advice our customer and suggest larger size machine.Fourth,the gate design is paint bucket mould is hot runner or insulated gate.Fifth, the cooling system is very important.If customer want to shorten the cycle time,we could add the Cu-Be on the core or the upside of cavity.

4.The processing for bucket moulds

Usually we choose the mould material according to customers requirement,like DIN1.2344,2738,2311 or P20 made in China.We should process the mould according to the mould design completely,include the water runner and inserts.It will take about 60 days for the processing.

5. The inspection for the bucket samples

The most important is to check its water proof function,stacking and dropping strengh.Others is common,like thickness variation,flashes on the parting line,polishing and so on.We should ensure every point is qualified.

6. IML solution for paint bucket moulds

Paint bucket-in-mold-labeling

Paint bucket in mould labeling

If the customer need to do in mold labeling,we could make a little change on the product for the mould easy fixing the label.And if the label need to do on the lid,the injection gate should make in the back side.

7. Injection molding machines for the bucket molds

For the paint bucket mould to choose injection molding machine size,the main item is for its maximum mould height and toggle stroke.

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